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Dear Friends of Wood-Ridge Junior/Senior High School:

The second semester has begun and we find ourselves facing challenges unlike anything we have faced in the past.  Although our students have taken NJ ASK, PSATS, SATS, APS and ACTS, we now are about to engage the PARCC tests.  The State of New Jersey has mandated this testing for a number of reasons mostly dealing with accountability and assessment.  Although the feedback can be useful to us, the amount of lost instructional time is a concern.  Be assured that the Wood-Ridge School District has done everything possible to prepare our students for this two part process.  Testing begins on February 20, 2015 and continues through the end of May.  In the first cycle, students will be required to PARCC test a total of 5 days broken down as 3 Language Arts units and 2 Math units covering an average of 2 class periods per day.  Cycle II will be a total of 4 days broken up into 2 Lanugage Arts and 2 Math units.  Please note the grade-based Language Arts and Math units will not be tested in consecutive days.

As you know from our PARCC meeting for parents on January 28th, the courses required for graduation have changed.  First, and most important  is that at Wood-Ridge Junior/Senior High School 4 years of Math will be required for any student starting with the Class of 2017.   The HSPA is no longer used as a graduation requirement!  Instead, students may meet the graduation requirement by earning a passing score on the PARCC ELA and Math in Grade 9, 10 or 11.

Alternatively, students may meet the requirement by scoring 400 on the SAT, 16 on the ACT, 40 on the PSAT, 31 on the ASVAB or by meeting the criteria of the NJDOE Portfolio appeal.

So things are changing significantly.  Please keep abreast of all requirements by speaking with your Guidance Counselor regularly. We remain confident that our students will perform admirably.


Anthony L. Panico


To help maintain safety and order please adhere to the following for arrival to and dismissal from school:

*      Students in grades 7 and 8 will enter and exit the building at the Ostrovsky wing on Windsor Road. At 7:55a.m. the Windsor Road entrance doors will be closed.

*      Students in grades 9 through 12 will enter and exit the building at the main entrance on Hackensack Street.

*      At 7:55a.m. the only accessible entrance for ALL students is the Main Entrance on Hackensack Street.

 Questions or Concerns:
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher, the school nurse, guidance counselor, or an administrator by calling the main office at 201-933-6777 ext. 5601 where your call can be appropriately directed or by emailing the needed staff member directly.  Our staff email directory can be accessed on the Junior-Senior High School homepage, under the "Departments" tab. 

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